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Glimpse into Victoria


What is the craziest or the best thing that you have ever done in your life? For me, it has definitely been this amazing lifestyle that I love with all my heart and maybe also skydiving, that was crazy as well! Life can become easily a routine and I want to help you to get out of it, have some fun and build a genuine connection together.


I was born in Canada and I grew up in a french family but my parents told me I should have been born in the Netherlands due to my height seeing as I am 5’ 10.


Since I was a little girl, I have always been a traveler, I even lived overseas for a while. I went to school and started my career but changed my mind and then went back to school for something completely different. What can I say, I am a versatile woman. I was really looking for a job that I can further my learning and that can incorporate my advanced social skills.


There is a big difference between a bi-curious woman and a bisexual woman. I am bisexual which means that I love women as much as you love them! I always enjoy seeing couples or sharing one of my girlfriends for a hot threesome or foursome.


I love taking care of others. I have always been a giver. The more we spend some time together, the more I will open up to you about my life. Your secrets are always safe with me as I value your privacy and I would love you to value mine.


How would I describe myself? I am a romantic at heart, I love teasing a lot, I am very sensual, I am charismatic, I always have a funny story to tell, I am always curious to learn more, I am very clumsy but some say that it is cute. I am a big nature lover and also a sporty woman. Yes I am tall but I don’t take myself too seriously and I make people feel at ease from date number one.


We can communicate in French or in English as I am bilingual and I can try to practice my Spanish with you if you would like. Giving back to the community has always been a passion of mine. When I am not working, I can be found helping others. I am a dedicated woman.


I hope that you have kept your child soul because you can never make me laugh too much! I love to be teased and seduced. I love thoughtful little surprises. I am always curious to learn about everything, it always turns me on! I am hoping that we can build a genuine connection together and who knows, maybe explore the world together one trip at a time?


I love planning my schedule, so reaching out to me in advance is always appreciated. If ever you need help organizing a little soirée, I would be happy to take the lead by curating the evening of your dreams, whether it be an evening at the ballet, or enjoying a classical concert, or even getting together with me and my lady friends for a night on the town, I love to get the party started!


I am an open minded lady and I love to try new things. Exploring original wines and fine dining is something I love to do. I think sharing a delicious meal paired with aromatic wines in amazing company is my idea of a perfect evening, amongst other things, but I will leave that to your imagination.

Come find out for yourself!