You’ve come all this way, have taken the time to rejoice in each of my pages and now you are ready to take the leap.


I hope you are as excited to meet me as I am to meet a respectful gentleman like yourself. 

As any professional, I require a 48 hours notice for cancellation. If you’re indisposed and don’t provide me with enough notice, I will require a 25% cancellation fee, sent via an electronic gift card of my choosing. This will compensate me for the time I saved for us. If you cancel less than 24 hours I will require a 50% cancellation fee.

As I am always dressed to impress and perfectly polished, I require the same courtesy from my suitors. Hygiene is a deal-breaker for me and I will always provide a fully stocked shower for you to use. 

Any incomplete, rude or vulgar text message or email will go unanswered. Also, please consult my calendar before asking for a date. 


For a date outside of my listed availabilities the minimum booking duration is 3 hours. 

Monday May 23th: fully booked

Tuesday May 24th : vacation

Wednesday May 25th : vacation

Thursday May 26th : vacation

Friday May 27th : vacation

Saturday May 28th : vacation

Sunday May 29th : vacation


Monday May 30th: Vacation

Tuesday May 31th : vacation

Wednesday June 1st : vacation

Thursday June 2nd : vacation

Friday June 3rd : vacation

Saturday June 4th : vacation

Sunday June 5th : vacation


Monday June 6th: off

Tuesday June 7th : off

Wednesday June 8th : 6pm-10pm

Thursday June 9th : 430pm-630pm

Friday June 10th : N/A

Saturday June 11th : N/A

Sunday June 12th : N/A



Book Me

To make a reservation email me at

text me at 438-389-3877, or fill out my contact form.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

xoxox Victoria