Victoria's Virtual Girlfriend Experience

Have a drink, sit down and deserve it! 

Let's get to know each other from the comfort of your home.

Exchanging some of our best travel stories, learn new things about each other, and have a good time.

Or add some spice to your alone time...



Unlimited sexting

150$/3 days

Unlimited texting only

500$/1 week

Unlimited texting and 4 sexting

100$/3 pictures

Custom pictures

only for you


Unlimited texting only

250$/1 week

unlimited texting only

700$/1 week

Unlimited texting and sexting

200$/30 seconds

Custom video

only for you

What the Service Entails:

  • Please note that I don't do any phone calls, skype sessions, or videos.

  • I am available to do texting and sexting between 10am-10pm.

  • I will send you daily pictures about my everyday life.

  • I always try to answer fast and be available for you.

  • I only accept a limited amount of gentlemen per week to make sure you get all my attention.

  • I speak French and English

  • I do not show my face and I don't do any pornographic material.


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